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Elliptic Systems Corporation’s team of experienced ESCAPE Services specialists offers solutions for a wide variety of industries and IT needs. Our solutions include:

Data Protection

Without a thorough data backup and recovery plan, you could lose your essential business data – and maybe even your business. We provide backup and recovery services for organizations looking for a way to protect critical information from natural disasters, theft and unauthorized access.  

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ESCAPE Services

Our ESCAPE Services will release you from the issues of in-house maintenance and support. You’ll save time and money, allowing you to concentrate on building customer relationships, finding new leads, closing sales and discovering new sources of revenue.  

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Business IT Support

If you need rapid-response IT support, we’re here to help. Elliptic Systems Corporation can supply the IT support you need on a per-hour or per-incident basis. We give you the kind of friendly and expert support you need exactly when you need it, whether you’re looking for help with hardware and software installation, training, virus removal or other technical assistance.  

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Help Desk

Need IT help? We’ll provide you with expert support, decreasing hassles and keeping your employees focused and productive. Save time and resources by outsourcing your IT needs.

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VoIP systems allow you to use a high-speed Internet connection to make and receive phone calls – and with our VoIP packages, your monthly phone bills stay the same regardless of how much you call or how far away you are from the people you call. You’ll also get helpful support and features that aren’t available with conventional phone systems.  

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Vendor Management

Trying to manage all your IT suppliers (for telecom, wiring, hardware, etc.) can be a huge hassle. Consolidate those relationships: Let us work with your tech vendors to get you better service, much faster.

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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing provides you with improved data protection, improved bandwidth, and around-the-clock access to tech support, all for one low monthly rate.

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Hosting Services

For most businesses, the expense of designing and maintaining an IT infrastructure in-house is prohibitive. We’ll work with you to evaluate your needs and provide the backup, technical support, and secure data access you need to keep your business working smoothly and efficiently.  

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